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August 21, 2006


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Ég held að þú ert rétt þegar þú segir þetta. Límmiðar á maður, hvað Greinar þekkingu sem þú hefur um þetta efni ... vona að sjá meiri vinnu ykkar.

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Its sole function is to redistribute wealth from the very poor to the very rich." Nice quote!


Ola idea, Niza,
cousas boas, hai moita xente buscando sobre iso, agora van atopar fontes bastante polo seu post.
Estamos ansiosos para obter máis detalles sobre isto

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world it displays, I am proud Filipinos made such a real and moving film. .


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Det gör mig så surprise.I aldrig vet att det är en sådan underbar plats som jag kan hitta vad jag behöver,

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So you say that this is a wonderful film?Ok I will search for it to watch.

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