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August 07, 2006



Great art and fascinating history!


This is indeed a beautiful and very interesting painting.
I guess (even if it is pricy) that I should get a copy of Islas Filipinas. I still have to learn a lot about Filipino culture and history.

ulysses arana

I like De Andrade's style. In fact, I think his style is practically and artistically better than Luna's and Hidalgo's due to its simplicity. You don't need to be an art critic to be impressed by this painting. Not only that his hand was more confident, he was also more down-to-earth than Luna and Hidalgo who spent most of their artistic years in Europe. Their works are more european than De Andrade's. You wouldn't know they are Filipinos by just looking at their works. De Andrade's art is closer and more sympathetic to the sensibilities of ordinary Filipinos then and now (as can be seen in this painting). His art is therefore more Filipino than those of the two overrated fine artists in Philippine history. Thanks for the post.

ulysses arana

I made 'Panguinge' my desktop background. I super-duper love this painting! Thanks for sharing it. It is surely one that could inspire new generation of Filipinos not only to study and relearn to write and speak the Castillan language, but to rediscover and love our Hispanic heritage and culture as well.


Glad you like it Ulysses. I tend to to agree with you re de Andrade's standing vis a vis those of Luna and Hidalgo -- he really should be better known internationally than he is.

I haven't looked at this digital representation of the painting for a while and it gave me so much pleasure to be reminded of it. It is so alive, the characters are almost moving!

I seem to remember that there was a story about the purchase of the painting a few years ago -- something along the lines of someone loving it so much that he "had" to have it. It is obviously a work that really attracts some people -- like us!


Was he also known as "Tokayo"?


that's what rizal called him as his nickname "Tokayo" his former Guard i think

Jose Carlos Taviel de Andraade Ruiz

Gracias a los post tan positivos que han descifrado la pintura de mi abuelo como una de las mejores de la época. Desde España os doy las gracias a todos.

Un saludo

José Carlos Taviel de Andrade Ruiz

Irish Andrade

lovely painting!

my father, the late anthony b. andrade, told me that his grandfather was Dr. Jose Taviel de Andrade. He was the Attorney of Dr. Jose Rizal. I would like to if anyone out there knows if this is true. That would be very amazing to know.

José Carlos Taviel de Andrade Ruiz

Irish, el abogado defensor de José Rizal fue Luis Taviel de Andrade, también militar. Este era hermano de José Taviel de Andrade, mi abuelo, o sea mi tío abuelo el pintor y militar que tanta huella cultural ha dejado en Filipinas.
Bien, Luis Taviel de Andrade defendió en el consejo de guerra con uñas y garras a José Rizal, pero la política española de la fecha no reconoció la realidad de la inocencia de José Rizal.
Solo José Rizal le llamaba a mi abuelo 'Tokayo' al llamarse ambos José. Eran muy amigos.

Saludos desde España

josé carlos taviel de andrade ruiz

Existen dos erratas de traducción en mi 'post' anterior:
Luis Taviel de Andrade (hermano de José Taviel de Andrade, mi abuelo), fue abogado defensor de Don José Rizal.
(Error en Colombia)
(Correcto Filipinas).

Saludos desde España

angeles blasco lafita

Can anybody tell where is the Panguingue?


josé carlos taviel de andrade ruiz,
wow! could we be related?

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His art is therefore more Filipino than those of the two overrated fine artists in Philippine history otherwise there were some rumors about that the pirates of that age have something to do with it.

avellana andrade

Can anybody determine if the brothers Jose and Luis Taviel de Andrade had offsprings left in the Philippines? The Andrades in Leyte had no written documents on their forebears but there is a general oral tradition that they are related to the Taviel de Andrades.

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I kinda remember this portrait, it has something to do with one of the most important significant events.

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