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September 17, 2006



I am so happy that PraiseMoves will now reach a larger audience! She sure looks happy

Jon Limjap

A little more work and we'll be as ridiculous as Singapore news is, at least on the opposite side of the spectrum.


PI! Now I'm glad i missed that concert. I was supposed to see the Mozart concert but I got confused with the dates and ended up seeing the Madrigal Singers' PHILAMLIFE concert the day before, on saturday, instead. I was pissed, especially since after Andrea Veneracion has passed the baton (or the nod or wink or whatever body language she uses to conduct them) to Mark Carpio, and Ana Abeleda has left them, the Madz now sounds especially thin.

Re: Imelda Marcos. She was at the Sandiganbayan to attend one of her many concerts and court employees was actually buzzing surrounding her and taking her pictures. Hay, a celeb is a celeb, no matter how stinky.


Erin -- No wonder, she's praising the Lord, tightening her buns AND making a few bucks on the side through sales of her DVD. You can't ask for more than that.

Jon -- I reckon most countries have no shortage of absurd stories. I just included some from here because this is where I live. Perhaps I'll do a round-up of global ridiculousness next time.

Ronald Brian -- It's true, whatever people say about her, Imelda has that star quality. Funnily enough, of the people I spoke to it afterwards it was the foreigners rather than the Filipinos who were more outraged at the applause. To the Filipinos she just seemed an irrelevance from another era. Whether you regard that as a sensible attempt to move on or evidence of the short memories of Filipinos is a matter of choice I suppose.

I think what gets most foreigners about Imelda is less what she actually did during the dictatorship but the fact that she is the perfect example of the lack of justice here and the way nothing is ever resolved.


What can I say, when people have short memories and small minds, there are no limits to ridiculousness. There's no shortage of that here for sure.

(Christian alternative to Yoga? When I stop groaning I'll comment on that.)


Ack, applause for the deranged one. Maybe aside from selective (and short) memories we are also a race of extreme masochists. Is it a gene we pass on to succeeding generations? Her popularity is a shame. Vexation, it curls my naturally straight hair.

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