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October 21, 2006



I still remember one of my American colleagues who i worked with in India. It was the height of the American invasion then and he was so proud that his side was able to 'kick a--'. I think that was the reason for the American public's initial support for the war. They wanted to avenge 9/11 and did not really care who would be at the receiving end. By now they should have had their fill. With over 600K Iraqi dead, that means they have avenged 9/11 more than 200 times.


It really does come down to that, "to kick a___". That's the extent of most Americans' world view.

We have to bear in mind too that your guy was one of the most aware 10% (i) because he had a passport, (ii) he had actually used it and gone to India to work, (iii) he was a professional. God know what they think in Iowa (I don't want to).


Just had to comment as this was the last article at the bottom of the page and is about to disappear. Over 600k dead almost a year ago. I wonder what the number is now... close to a million? Because of the decision of one fucker? Incredible.

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