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October 31, 2006



So here's a question - why, when it seems to be such a common phenomenon in Asia (and perhaps especially after several centuries of Spanish influence), is the siesta not part of the fabric of life in the Philippines?? Maybe as a result of the rise of North American influence at the beginning of the last century??

loony in barnsley

Siesta was very much a part of my childhood. I remember agonising over what seemed like a total waste of playtime hours. Every single adult in our household took power naps.
My hubby fondly remembers the total 'black-out' in the building where he used to work in Manila during lunch break. Lights were switched off and everyone just passes out in front of their monitors for about half an hour after lunch. Sometimes, us pinoys get it right you know!


Loony, yes this is what I understand happens in government departments here. I have friends who have worked in the DPWH and right after lunch the aircon goes off (to assist in the transition to the land of nod) the lights go down, the foreheads hit the desk ...


Check out the book "How to Be Idle", chapters on napping, sleeping in, etc.

Sadly, even in Spain the youth are starting to take on less civilized practices of their Anglo cousins. A 23 year old friend from Barcelona said that he and his groupmates don't nap anymore. Shocking!

Madame Chiang

Given half a chance I can be the queen of nappers...just show me a bed at about 3pm and I can be curled up asleep on it in about 2 minutes...

I blame it on the cats' influence!


I think Bertrand Russell had something to say on the topic.

By the way, did you get to see Richard Dawkins' documentary "Root of All Evil"? Just watched it last night (the first part - watching the second part tonight), and the man is brilliant.


As I read the article, I was thinking, "I totally agree with all this" then I read the last line.

I also think that we weren't designed to have just 3 meals a day. Humans are the only ones who do this bec it's a social thing but animals eat small portions several times a day; they don't binge like we do -- saving our appetite for a great meal is one of life's greatest pleasures but alas, not great for our bodies...

Sorry to veer away from the topic - I love to nap! Yes, Madame Chiang - a lot to learn from cats who sleep, what? 18 hrs a day?


It is freezing in London today. All I can think of is a cozy warm duvet. Anyway, preaching to the converted here, but wanted to contribute with an 'aye' to the joy of siestas.

To sleep? Perchance to dream!


Naps can also be good for productivity. A short rest during the working day can do wonders for mental and physical stamina.

My dad used to wake up at 4 am and be at work at 8 am (earlier than everyone else). Then he would have a nap for an hour after lunch. Nobody dared to wake him up for anything because he would get so cranky. He resumed work until 5 pm and didn't look tired at all when he reached home. Don't know, though, why siestas don't seem to improve the performance of government offices in the Philippines. :-p


I couldn't possibly function without my daily 3 pm 20-min nap. I don't sleep very much, but I'm a chronic napper. Frayed, of course, has been one ever since I've known her -- and look how much she gets done in the course of a day. She showed me the way. :)

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