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November 11, 2006



Ohhhh. New layout! Don't you love trebuchet? :)


I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of Ang.
But when you are a gambler you need to be prepared to loose sometimes...


Hello sparks -- Nice of you to drop by and congratulations on the Australia gig by the way. I looked at your blog last week, goodness, you've been busy! Lots of interesting posts -- will comment when I have the time.

Sidney -- Thank you too -- your own blog just gets better and better. I am very glad to see you getting so popular, it is well deserved.

As for old Atong, as you say, you can't win all the time. At least his incarceration has thrown light on the appalling overcrowding in Philippine city jails. The QC jail where he was originally jailed has a capacity of 800 prisoners but is now home to almost 3,500!

According to one of the Inquirer stories on Ang: "'Anybody who is not used to long periods in a cramped space, with dozens of other people, will find it very difficult', a jail officer said. 'Even if you just stick your hand between the bars, you'll already feel their heat."

Furthermore, a sound sleep almost becomes an impossibility because of the lack of bunk beds. Inmates have to go on 'shifts' just to get a few hours of sleep. 'Otherwise they just sleep while standing.'"

Ang had to suffer these conditions for one night. Others are there all year. Since this is a remand jail, most have not been convicted of any crime and in fact many are undoubtedly innocent of any crime.

Could be a subject for one of your posts?

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