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November 19, 2006



Hilarious. What happened next? Did the crowd break into laughter?


That was a really good one from the Scots.

Torn thought I'd be hurt with this one since he thinks I'm a big fan but I stopped listening and buying U2 music after Achtung Baby. I think after that, Bono became as the Brits say, a real prat.


First Barbra gets heckled, now Bono. They really should just stick to the music.

loony in barnsley

A friend of ours (cheeky public school boy - u know the type) saw them in the South of France this year and when Bono started rattling on about how little it'd cost the west to save lives in Africa, cheeky boy after several glasses of vin rouge yelled "Why don't you start by giving away your gazillions, you self-righteous f***er?!" Unfortunately for him nobody saw the funny side of it, he got booed and kicked out of the premises.

Morale of the story? Heckling in France gets you nowhere...


I agree. These wealthy celebrities should lead by example and not just preach about it, whilst getting paid probably? or at least getting all the publicity and eventually a knight/dame-hood.

It's like that new Red Amex with its paltry 1% donation. If people want to help the poor, then direct debit a monthly amount instead as an active contribution rather than a by-product of spending.

Anyway, how can I treat Bono seriously when he's busy trying to win back some old hat?


he may be self-righteous and sanctimonious, but at least he's done quite a lot to help Africa (debt relief and AIDS relief). Is there something wrong with that?

sanj ziddi

this is an urban legend. Never happened. check snopes.com.


I never thought it actually happened -- it's just too perfect.

ulysses arana

Well, I don't listen to Bono anyway. Overrated old timers like him don't impress me. I'd rather listen to Steely Dan and Compay Segundo. Hahhh!

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Bono is for my one of the most influential person in the music business, and well not only music, his contributions to other areas are also admirable.

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