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November 19, 2006


fireplace surrounds

I would suggest you visit a fireplace store in your area that sells pre- made units. These units can be installed in existing spaces and some can be direct vented outside the side wall without building a chimney. The manufacturers are very specific on how they are to be installed and vented. Do not deviate from the specifications. There are pre- made fireplaces that burn real wood and have gas starters. I'm not certain about the direct vent though due to the intense heat a real wood burning fireplace generates. ...

Fireplace Chimneyt

Well I am finally on the road, finally headed for Yellowknife. From Edmonton Alberta to Yellowknife NWT, is just over 900 miles. The trip itself in a big truck takes at least 18 hours on a good day. I know this now, but on that very first trip, all I had were 6 scraps of paper from Frank and a strong desire to reach my destination. I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I planned my trip as I normally did, with a set number of miles I intended to drive for the day, and I hoped to arrive in...

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what a terrible situation, this is I call a real disaster, but in our days, death is maybe the better known friend and companion.

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