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November 29, 2006



This is the most sickening thing I have ever heard of. This just proves (1) Atienza is a complete goon, and (2) in this country you really can get away with murder.


I find it hard to believe that Sugay's family (mother) would say, "You killed my son. Oh well, ok, I'll let it pass." So yes, wonder if it was a threat or a bribe. It could only be one of the two. Depressing.


sigh. damn bandit country.


What can people do in the face of this ruthlessness? I would like to say "resist" and "fight for justice"; but it seems unfair to demand more courage from a grieving, powerless family.

A pious mayor with a killer for an aide. A religious president who abets the murders of activists. My mind refuses to process the irony.


it's just too revolting to contemplate. it's like the marcos era. again.

this sort of thing, the injustice, the pointless violence and evil, the sense of helplessness we all feel, is really typical within a poverty-mired third world environment (Philippines, Africa, central america..).

if you are poor, you have no recourse. and we who read hear of these horrific stories feel pretty @$#%$^* helpless..


Is that retraction by the family even legal? Isn't the reason why criminal cases are billed the 'People of the Philippines vs ....' because the state is obliged to prosecute suspects regardless of whether private individuals do so or not? Lawyers are welcome to enlighten me.


Yes, I would really like some enlightenment on this point too. It has always seemed to me as though criminal justice in the Philippines depends far more on the victim "bringing a case" than it does in other countries (at least that is how the press always reports it). This case is a good example of what is wrong with that system.

As you say, despite this, the state must have an obligation to prosecute a crime (although in this case they may say there is no point because the main witnesses have withdrawn their statements).

The Sugay case also throws up another problem with the administration of justice in the Philippines. One might expect the police to push for a prosecution -- after all someone was clearly murdered and if no-one is caught this is another unsolved crime statistic. However, the politicization of state agencies means that the family's fears back in July have come true:

"Team leader Ruel Lasala, the agency’s National Capital Region director, said the official probe was requested by the victim’s family members “who fear a possible whitewash or cover-up if local police force leads the investigation because they (relatives) believe the suspect is a very powerful... and close to Chief Supt. Bulaong and Mayor Atienza... also to First Gentleman Mike Arroyo whom Sugay always brags... as a classmate during their high school days at the Ateneo de Manila in the sixties.”



The mother recounted the incident... "he shot him then looked at me and fired in the air while his bodyguard watched, holding an umbrella over him." This obviously does not sound like something made up. To withdraw now can only mean one thing: That the family of Aries Luriz was obviously threatened and/or paid to be silent.

Filipinos are God-fearing and superstitious people. So may the ghost of Ariel haunt Sugay to madness. And in leaving vengeance to their silent God, I wish Ariel's mother peace of mind.

Ignorance is characteristic of Filipino society. If they knew better, they would know that there is no such thing as ghosts and what your life turns out to be is really up to you. If you prefer to live in fear, then that's your choice.

According to the Book, the ephemeral Being with which this entire nation holds a monologue discussion with gave man Free Will. You can do as you please. So if you prefer to be indifferent and allow evil to triumph, you chose that path, not God.

May those who are in a position to do so, seek justice for Aries Luriz.


^ Oh,leave God out of it, will you?

"Ignorance is characteristic of Filipino society." Yeah? While you believe in the contents of a "Book"and an entire society that functions only according to "Free Will". Whose free will is that, DHH? Is it the sum of all individuals' free wills? Ever heard of power, violence and political systems? Ever heard of tyranny?

NOBODY chooses to live in fear, you self-righteous moron.

Simple pinoy

We should elect Sugay to higher office so he can get rid of all the bad people in the country.

cenon miranda

one of these days, Sugay will meeet his tragic end like those of his victims. He is an evil personafied. May God forgives this wicked man.

cenon miranda

one of these days, Sugay will meeet his tragic end like those of his victims. He is an evil personafied. May God forgives this wicked man.




Who is the self-righteous moron, Carla?

I normally do not engage in conversation with morons who attack people for their ideas.

Kjng Pin

Ahhh, sigh! I feel sad for this tragic news. I really hope justice will prevail.

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