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November 07, 2006



And Imelda has launched her own clothing and accessories line. She has run for president already, what else is left for her to do? Wake me up when she decides to become a Goth.



torn and berg

I think there are certain Filipino cultural traits that allow these things (including e.g. that ERAP will never be convicted)to happen:
- Loathing of confrontation;
- The (Christian?) virtue of forgiveness;
- Expectation of reciprocity;

None of these traits are by no means unique to the Philippines, but I wonder if the combination might be?


Good points T&B and, as I think you were implying, these traits are by no means wholly negative. Take the recovery from the second world war, which my own country took far, far too long to get over. I am always struck by lack of any residual bitterness towards the Japanese in the Philipines, especially when compared with China of course. Some might say that that demonstrates yet again the short memory of Filipinos, but there are times when collective memory can be an enormous handicap. I prefer to think of Filipinos as having a generous relationship with the past. After all, what good is being embittered? Unless you intend one day to pay it back (which perhaps the Chinese are going to do.)

However, all these traits that you mention are related to (in my mind) one of the greatest problems in Philippines: the lack of justice, not only that, the lack of any expectation of justice.


it's a long shot, but are you Martin Anderson?

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