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November 29, 2006



Hmm, who named the typhoon Durian? That's what I'm reading elsewhere. Who decides these things? Why Renming and not Restituta?


According to "Digital typhoon" (http://agora.ex.nii.ac.jp/digital-typhoon/help/tcnames.html.en#2.4) an international group of wise men meets every year to decide on a list of names, which are then doled out as the typhoon happens.

Ther is also an "Asian name" for each typhoon, determined by the Typhoon Committee for the Western North Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea (http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/jma-eng/jma-center/rsmc-hp-pub-eg/tyname.html).

As we know, it doesn't stop there, because the Philippines has its own list (as far as I can see, it is the only country to do this). I believe this list is alphabetical (i.e., milenyo was followed by Paeng, and then by Renming, with some minor ones filling in the gaps).

Durian is still a pretty weird name though -- perhaps next year we'll have Typhoon Fart?

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