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November 11, 2006



There's an essay on the issue of personal representation, a historical perspective (from portraits to YouTube) on Arts and Letters Daily, under the title How People See Themselves by H. Burda.


I must confess that I use YouTube a lot, mostly to watch clips of old stuff (Voltes V cartoons, for example). The Internet and nostalgia--a very interesting topic.

I agree with you, though, about the inanity and self-centeredness of most of the stuff there. People, it seems, are more and more confused about what is public and private.

There surely are better uses for it. I like the short animated films, for example.And short works of satire (the spoof attack ad of a kid running for a kindergarten election in the US). However, like many new technologies, people tend to use it for 'play', entertainment and self-promotion. Here is a powerful new platform from which one can show films and images to the whole world! But people choose to upload clips of themselves dancing in the toilet. We're doomed.

Thanks for mentioning the film review. I don't think it's online and it was cut in ways I did not like. I have a much longer version.

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