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December 05, 2006



They FREED him! Well, no surprise there! Quick, open a new thread about this!


I'm not siding with Daniel Smith and I'm not supporting Suzette Nicolas or "Nicole" either but according to most logical-thinking Filipinos, Nicole is all planning this out. She's a liar.
It is not decent for a Filipina to go with Strangers late at night. If she has self-respect, Dan Smith would have respected her for that. Most decent men would not have go "beyond the string" unless given a "hint".

Nicole is from Davao, way too far from Subic. What would she be doing there?
It's was all her fault in the first place, flirting with Americans and all.
As for Daniel Smith, he's younger than Nicole. He's only 21 and he claimed to be drunk that night and had sex with Nicole. Nicole had like it too but to think she's dealing with an American, that's BIG money.
It embarrassed most Filipios

sources say:
bottom line is that nicole was plainly humiliated when some people saw her being dumped on the pavement and accused the guy she desired for raping her just to cover up the issue.

anti-VFA militants and politicians fueled the issue and used nicole to discretely protest over the Americans.

-these are all intelligent comments here but try to read other sides of the story.


I'm amazed at how often i read a line of argument which starts with the writer stating "I'm not siding with..." and then goes on to take sides.

grace santos

My name is Grace Santos and I am the one who organized the Justice for Smith - Justice for the Strangers. Dan is a good person with a forgiving heart. He is not holding any grudge againsts anybody. He is very positive that things are still going to be ok for him because he knows that God is watching over him. Please include Dan in your prayers. To all the people who supports him let us be more vigilant. If you have any questions with regards to the activities of Justice for Smith, kindly email us at JUSTICE_FOR_DAN@YAHOO.COM and JUSTICE4DAN@HOTMAIL.COM, you can also call or text us at 09179016592 and 09198353728.
We will appreciate all your support.
Let us keep on fighting for the real victim of the injustice, Lance Corporal Daniel Smith!

Thank you!
God bless!

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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