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January 25, 2007



Thank you so much for your nice post about my blog. I don't deserve so much praise but it makes me very happy when people enjoy my pictures!

Yes, underscores are technically illegal and some ISP’s are banning URL’s with underscores.


God, what a great photoblog. I'll be sharing it with my pupils here in London. Thanks for the link.

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I agree with Lucy... You have great photoblog... I have an idea on the black nazarene, and now I know what the festival looks like..


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It was long ago since I visit your blog and its mhe again, visiting and reading along..

Deirdre G

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A lot of people are at the road to join the parade of the black Nazarene in Quiapo manila,some of them hold on the rope because there is a belief that whoever holds the rope they will receive miracles and their wish are granted by the Nazarene.


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