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January 19, 2007



Happy New Year, Torn & Frayed! Of the above lines, i can recognize only two from Sinatra, one from Elvis and one from Marvin Gaye.


Hi cvj -- And a Happy New Year to you too! Yeah, most are songs from a particular time and place - and not the best place either (a Scottish boarding school)! Glad you got the Marvin, it wasn't the easiest but that opening really brings back his beautiful voice to me.


Let's see. Some from the Sex Pistols and The Clash.

The last song is Leonard Cohen. I can't tell his melodies from each other but he is a poet.

Trivia: After writing a short rant about Laura Branigan, I found out that she once served as backup singer to Leonard Cohen. I fell off my chair laughing.


Happy new year to you and frayed. Only a few of the lyrics struck a memory chord, I'm more of a sound person myself so it's the melody that helps me reminisce.

John P

Welcome back Torn. Good to see the presses are rolling again. Wonderful songs -- lifelong memories.


Hello Carla -- A bit imprecise, but I'll give you half a point each for the Pistols and the Clash. You should have been in Britain in 1977 -- half the country celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, the other half singing the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen (it was number 2 in the charts the week of the Jubilee).

Mila -- Yes, unless you know the song very well it can be hard to pick it up just from words on the page. Melodies can distort lyrics too though -- as these sites on misheard lyrics show:



John P -- Yes, great memories. I keep thinking of others though! "What'll you do when you get lonely?" -- we missed that one.

John P

Good one. And what about "Pushing through the market square"? I think we should stop this -- there's just too many songs!


Any memories of Bobby Brown?


You mean Mr Whitney Houston? Er, no --pourquoi?

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