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February 25, 2007


Jon Limjap

I hope they send Gonzalez to UN HQ in New York, and then let him belittle Alston right there. That will make him look quite at home in the middle of, say, the representatives of North Korea and Iran.


Wouldn't it be nice if your friend Clarence Henderson could comment on this.


It seems telling that none of the people who railed on this blog against an American's alleged rape of a single Philippine woman is moved enough to comment on the fact that Filipinos are killing Filipinos in great numbers and with such impunity.

I suppose we'll have to wait for an American serviceman to accidentally shoot a civilian in Mindanao.


People dont give a shit because they know that as long as they work their cozy jobs in Manila, Cebu, or Baguio, the military wont go after them. So I ask the question: What the heck are they "activists" doing anyway? Communism is dead. Move on. Get a job or be an OFW.

Michael Telebastagan

Thank you, thank you Philippine Military for silencing and decimating those traffic-inducing, noise polluting, foreign-investment deterring, stuck-up lefties. Keep up the good work.

Don't believe the hype. The UN knows shit. There's still a vast majority of Noypi's who dislike the left. The UN don't represent.

And to all of you activists who haven't been silenced or killed yet: get a fucking job will yah? Even if it's a low-paying one.


Hey, just wanted to say that you write great stuff. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep at it. :)

cheers, jae
(stuck-up leftie and proud of it)


I sooooooo agree with michael telebastagan. Frankly, I think the communists and lefties are killing each other more than anything else.

Really, I don't think it's THAT damaging to our image.

The Abu Sayyaf and Wowowee was much much worse.


The United Nations, the European Union, the United States Senate, Amnesty International, and, as reported in today’s paper, a human rights alliance in the Hague have all condemned the killings and have all implicated the Government in carrying them out.

How bad does it have to get before you think the country’s image has been damaged?

And do you really agree with Michael Telebastagan? Most of the deaths have been of farmers’ organizers and local activists. You “sooooooo agree” that we should say “thank you Philippine Military” for killing them, often in front of their families?

I am amazed and depressed that you think that.


How bad can the image be? What with being at the bottom of the corruption list, having huge mountains of garbage dumps in the midst of our cities, being economically overtaken by a just recently wartorn Vietnam, etc. etc.

The extrajudicial killings aren the icing on the cake tee hee.


I've just read the Time magazine article about the Filipino communists and what I find laughable about them is their hubris and arrogance. They say that no communist country in the world has truly been communists, that's why they all failed.

The funny thing is that Filipinos have failed to fight colonialism, have failed with democracy, have failed to industrialize, have failed with autocracy, etc. etc. Even the Islamic movement has failed. We're a nation of failures.

And my Filipino brothers and sisters commies think they'll succeed? What makes them so fucking special?

It's so stupid and arrogant that you wish they'd all just fuckin die.


Yeah, Filipino farmers turned commies will succeed with communism whereas more brilliant people like Russians and Chinese have failed.

Just remind these peasants that these failed Russiand and Chinese have invented some pretty amazing stuff like the Great Wall of China, War and Peace, the Printing Press, Fireworks, Silk, Porcelain, sending the First Man to Orbit in Space, the USSR, etc. etc.

Laughable indeed. Kill em all.


The thing with Micheal, Bobolastico & Andrew's comments is that it shows they don't have much regard for human life. If an individual has a belief different from theirs (and are actually risking their lives because of it), they think it's ok to kill them. They even think it's funny and they think they sound cool. I wonder how cool or funny they would think it was if they saw their father or mother shot in front of their faces then have people (idiots like them) make fun of the killings or take it lightly.

In other words, why do the 3 (if they are really 3 different people) think they deserve to live more than others do?

Sure I think people who voted for Dubya are a bunch of morons for helping make the world a much more dangerous place but I don't wish they were killed.


"I wonder how cool or funny they would think it was if they saw their father or mother shot in front of their faces then have people (idiots like them) make fun of the killings or take it lightly."

If my dad is a "rebel" trying to "shake up the system" "sympathizing" for the masses by scandalously shouting in the streets (for what?) then by all mean shoot him in the face.

But mumma and pappa are two good citizens who worked everyday 9 to 5 exceopt Sundays and holidays for the last 35 years of their lives and pay their taxes diligently while raising 4 kids the best way they can and still find time to study a few nights a week to get their second masters. Nobody's (except communists) would want to kill them.


I guess you would have been one of the happy ones then when Ninoy was murdered for being a "rebel" and "shaking up the system".

And sorry but I don't think communists are after "mumma and pappa" but that's beside the point anyway because most of the people killed were farmers, journalists, or labor leaders or people who belong to a legitimate party. Not "communists" as you so easily assume.


"And sorry but I don't think communists are after "mumma and pappa""

Really? Then why are my parent's business and lives being threatened with arson and violence if they don't "voluntarily" pay revolutionary tax?


And how dare you compare Ninoy to the Communists! Your just like Marcos!

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