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February 09, 2007


mayumi masaya

'Obama: Just pretend he's Irish.'


Here we go again. American hypocrisies about drugs and drink (and sex). You can vote (for jingos like Bush) but you can't drink (until you're 21 in some states).

Which leads to Obama, trying to rationalize drinking and doping with existential excuses. Sure. Me, too! When I drink, I forget who I am... and where I put my keys.


To his credit, Obama unequivocally admits his drug-taking. I can't recall any other major American political figure who has (Bill Clinton claimed he didn't exhale). The marijuana certainly didn't impair his judgment -- back in late 2002, he was already doubting Bush claims of WMDs and opposing the coming war in Iraq, which his main Democratic opponents voted for in the Senate. For all his "inexperience", Obama got it right.

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