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March 23, 2007



Back in the 90's, I remember another British comedian basing his routine on Alanis Morisette's misplaced usage of 'ironic'. I suppose it's up to the Brits to teach her the proper use of this term. Most Americans are too earnest (or nonchalant) to qualify for such a role.


I remember an article that came out in the New York Times after the song became very popular, the writer took each scenario in the song and analyzed the supposed irony. Conclusion: except for one item (which only ranked as possibly ironic if looked at in a certain way), then none of the things she sang about was ironic at all. Mostly coincidental.


funny, geeky british lads are hot :)


is their a word such as IRONIC!?!?!


Torn, where are you? We need you back!!!


Do you know I saw Ed Byrne live in Melbourne last week?!?!?!? He cut his hair!!!! And he's much cuter in person :) When will you be back?


sometimes brit and american have different translation in using english words...maybe this guy just envy her for being so popular! Coz if thats song is so wrong...A lot of comments had appeared in magazines, TV etc. my advice, dont listen to guys who is just so TRYING-HARD to be popular...he not even funny at all! DUH!

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Haha, my brother and I have been talking about how unironic that song is for the longest time.

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