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May 18, 2007



Blame Cory. Had she not pardoned Gringo he would have been in jail (and should have executed). How can one vote for a dead soldier?
But no, the soft as goose pillow Cory let him loose. And Filipino voters, especially Pinay sisters who find Gringo's mestizo charms disarming, are easily beguiled.
Gringo is aware of the power of his charisma. He convinced hard-boiled soldiers to risk their life for him. Surely he must have known convincing showbiz-voting Pinoys to vote him to office as nothing more than a second rate challenge. Certainly easier than toppling a government.


Raul Pangalanga, Mike Defensor, Gringo Honasan = Alpha Sigma frat brothers. Is what it is.


High bar stools are quite dangerous when you're falling from it, yet it almost did affect me when I realized Trillanes is also a senator.

Bar stools

I suppose bar stools can be dangerous, But finding out trillanes became senator didnt affect me, its to be expected.

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