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June 21, 2007



Not sure where all the Bono-bashing is coming from but here's another courtesy of one of Netscape's founders:



Q: What's the difference between God and Bono?

A: God doesn't think he's Bono.

Just me, also making a return visit.


The German tabloid 'Bild' refered to 'sexy' Angela Merkel as 'Miss World'. May the 9th power be with her.

Major Tom

Bono is doing great at this and he should be commended. Just like old time rockers like John Lennon and Bob Dylan.

However I felt that this worldly activities had affected his music---so safer now that before.

I miss his angst and forthrightness in such songs as "Bullet The Blue Sky" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday".


Don't know if any of you saw the Live 8 concerts in Britain a couple of years back.
Bono stood regally on the stage, alone, and clapped his hands together slowly, rhythmically, dramtically. "Every time I clap my hands together a child in Africa dies". Heard over the monitors, a Glaswegian voice retorted: "well stop f*cking clapping then". To be sure, Bono is not the same as Bob (Dylan, that is).


Hi John P -- It's a great story (and in fact I posted it a while back), but alas like many great stories ...



Hi Torn, so *your blog* is where I'd heard this story! Shame it's a myth. And shame on Bono for his alternative tax planning.

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