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June 26, 2007


Jon Limjap

Hahaha. So they're a bunch of cowards after all guns or no guns.

Maybe the others don't have any bullets to begin with?

Or their guns were all BB (plastic pellet) guns? LOL


Funny how these "kids" treat guns as if they are toys. We here are privilege to collect guns without limits, as long as we can prove that we have safe storage as appoved by the authorities, and I have seen a friend collections (surrendered when he passed away at very old age) of more than 300 of all types. do you know that singer sewing machine built l911 models .45 acp during the height of WW1? but he had not shoot even a squirrel..hehehe...

Pinay Scandals

NicE pOst on piNay scAndalS!!!

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