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June 15, 2007


Pedestrian Observer

Raising Awareness thru MyBlogLog Community Exchange

Fraudulent prone electoral exercise in the Philippines has resulted in violence and killed 130 plus people as a blogger and netizens of the world we can make a difference to send a clear message………. END POLITICAL VIOLENCE NOW!

Join the meme started by concerned bloggers to Raise Awareness thru MyBlogLog Community Exchange that has proven effective for bloggers in spreading the message to a wider readership and be socially relevant in a society longing for genuine change. Simple rules simple action go to Pedestrian Observer Blog and copy paste the article and include your blog name/URL and join all the MyBlogLog Communities on the list. If you want your blog included in my list please go to the comment section and write down your blog name/URL and MyBlogLog Community URL, thank you.

Cyber Istambay
A Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer


Did Torn mention "the resignation of the Filipino people"?

Dimasidsing's murder draws just one comment, from another blogger, and not a word from anyone else.

My only thought in the light of this is that the Philippines gets the president, the politicians, the military and the police it deserves. No wonder it is scorned and laughed at by its neighbours.


Hi Cogs -- Actually I wasn't expecting too many comments -- I just wanted to alert people to the campaign on Tingog. I think most people who felt strongly about this issue probably left comments there, or wrote something on their own blogs. In fact I thought the response to Nick's call was quite good -- not just in the number of bloggers who responded but in the depth of their feeling. I don't think he could have expected much more. On its own it won't stop the killing of course but at least he got people moving.

Count to Ten

I hope the spate of political killings will make whistleblowers wise up and realize that blowing the whistle isn't enough.

If they decide on being heroes or martyrs, could they please collect evidence first before they blow the whistle, and ensure this evidence goes public or gets the wheels of justice rolling so that their deaths may not be futile?

Count to Ten

For example, in the case of Musa, he could have recorded the conversation on tape. I'm aware that he wasn't carrying one when he was asked to sign the "no fraudulent activity" document by the administration candidates, but he could have said something along the lines of "I'll think about it, give me a day to decide". He could have set up a meeting again, this timed wearing wires or with some video surveillance.

When he has material evidence, then he can go public. In this country were integrity is easily bought, blowing the whistle isn't enough. Put up hard evidence or shut up I say.


careful, there's a huge difference between balikbayan and ofw.

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