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July 19, 2007



I remember when Sting came here for a concert. I saw Che Che Lazaro interviewing him on TV. You could tell that she prepared a set of sophisticated and probing questions consistent with his projected persona (that probably derives from his ponderous-sounding lyrics) and all that he could manage is a string of shrugs and "i don't knows".

Maybe it's true that Sting has the highest name recall among us Filipinos, but perhaps that is more than compensated for by the fact that we patronized Ricky Gervais long before his own countrymen did.

Major Tom

This is sad though since I have grown to love Sting or his music for that matter. But perhaps, rockstars are meant to be that way---full of drama in their lives.


That doesn't sound very nice of them ... I remember when Sting visited Manila --- I desperately wanted to go, but was too young to attend concerts. =)


major tom -- to be fair to Sting (something I'm not often accused of doing) it does seem that the worst of the haughtiness and unpleasantness was committed by Sting's lovely wife rather than by him.

wysgal -- your youth probably protected from you from many of the horrors of the adult world, you should be grateful for that!


though i like sting, it's a bit encouraging to hear about him being brought back to earth with that mini-scandal. if it is any sort of reprieve, the police's reunion tour hasn't been all its hyped up to be. even stewart copeland himseld said that the way they've been performing has been rubbish.

i agree, the police and sting seem to be the most popular british import in the philippines from the 70's/80's but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who actually favor the other british acts that sprouted from back then. it has its own large, albeit obscured in the philippines up to now. i for one love everything tony wilson put out during his factory records days, notably joy division, the happy mondays and to lesser extent, a certain ratio

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