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July 16, 2007


Jon Limjap

Hey torn, nice to see you back again :)

Why I blog: all of the above, I guess. :) All those reasons apply at one time, for one post, or another.


I don't know why I blog. I prefer to keep it that way I think. I do it for many reasons, maybe all the ones you quoted from Orwell. I don't want to know the nitty-gritty, the details. Its like summing up the reasons why you love someone isn't it? I just do. Blog, that is. :)


Great to hear from two people who definitely fit into reason (viii) above!

Jon -- for the longest time I kept checking your blog but I thought you had given up the ghost. Then I checked again today and there was loads of interesting stuff there. Did you just go on a world cruise or something? Or was I trying the wrong address.

Sparks -- wow you've also been amazingly prolific recently. That "open pussy country" post, based I think, on one of Jon's, was intriguing -- anyone interested in having their thoughts provoked should take a look at: http://caffeinesparks.blogspot.com/2007/07/philippines-as-open-pussy-country.html


1. to keep me in the habit of writing

2. to be able to do the kind of writing I enjoy (for leisure, for myself, etc)

3. to keep my friends updated on the mundanities of my life without necessarily flooding their inboxes with email after email

4. to help me keep track of my life in broad strokes (it's always interesting to read back on past blog entries)

5. to get a good conversation going; similar to item viii on your list ... I've met amazingly interesting people through blogging, although I doubt I'd do a Petite Anglaise =)


Excellent reasons! Your first and second items especially.

Jon Limjap


Haha, don't know, you might have been trying my old blogspot account (the one that used to be on your sidebar) but I've taken that down already. But you're right: most part of the first quarter this year my blog was quiet.

It's not a cruise (wish it was!), it's work. I got to blog again when I switched jobs last April. My bosses are British now :p

And I agree that spark's take on my original post is indeed thought-provoking, moreso than mine (cue for writer envy to creep in). LOL

amateur misanthrope

One blogger- Ige Ramos- has a wonderful tagline for his blog. Blogito ergo sum. I blog therefore I exist. I guess that's a pretty good reason why WE blog.


OK Jon -- you are back there now.

Pinay in Barnsley

(vii) Anger

Hopefully, there won't be much of that on my blog from now on Torn... a new chapter has begun...

But then again, while I'm still in Barnsley, I'm sure there will always be reasons to get ticked off...


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I must have missed this one, as I'm commenting late, but I found it at just the right time and after a week of asking the same question as I've resuscitated my own blog in recent days. I prefer to associate with Orwell's second reason. But more than anything, I just want a place to unload my thoughts. To shake 'em off. Give them a resting place. A place to breath.


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