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August 15, 2007



I think a lot of the idiotic errors would go away if the textbooks were written in Filipino.

DJB Rizalist

the only problem of course is that antonio go himself has been wrong on some of his criticisms.

Perhaps things are not so simple as you think. These idiotic errors are also present in even Supreme Court decisions as we've recently exposed on Philippine Commentary.

I mean just as idiotic as in a public school textbook!


where are these guys? i read them religiously

Giancarlo Dizon

I am relieved to read a few articles written in favor of Mr. Go. I know him personally and I feel that receiving punches in the form of personal insults is so "below-the-belt". And yes, however determined Mr. Go is to push forward and to fight on, I see that somehow his fervor has diminished in effect because he hasn't been seeing the change he's been aspiring for in the past 10 years of his advocacy. Although his advocacy thrives on the support of his family, a few friends and a few faithful followers, there is an impending possibility that he's planning to let all of it go and walk away. Clear proof of this is that fact that he's looking for someone from among his close followers to take on the advocacy. Unfortunately, none of them have any plans of being promoted as the next Nemesis of Defective Textbooks.


Go Mr Go. I tracked this story via the June 2009 edition of The Economist.

Shame on the greedy and short sighted fools who think the ability to express themselves in the global lingua franca doesn't matter.


Hi Mr. Go, in our class trends & issues in the educational system, we read your article & had some discussions as well. We all agreed on your commentaries & your advocacy to improve the system. And for this reason, our class thought of inviting you to shed more light on this & probably we can have an interactive discussion on these issues & other relevant topics as well. We are Doctor of Education students at Trinity University of Asia, handled by Dr. Benjamin Yngente.

We will be very honored if you will join us in this very intellectual & meaningful discourse on issues confronting our educational system.

We hope to hear from you soon so we can schedule this forum the soonest possible time as the end of semester is near.

Thanks so much & i will leave my email add here.

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