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October 07, 2007



Reminds me of the story where the moviegoers in Mindanao would shoot at the movie screen just to help FPJ take out the bad guys.


Ha ha ha! CVJ, if that's true that's hilarious.

Have to admit though, at first I thought it was bad but then as Torn says, there are politically incorrect people and we shouldn't restrict writers and pretend they don't exist. It was a fictional character that said it.


waste of time, laway, blood, tears, and email space (I keep getting those stupid petitions against DH and the follow up Daily Show slur against Cory Aquino).
Why is it people can "unite" against the stupidest excuses (the Malu Fernandez fracas, these two things) but can't work together to fix bigger problems? Or does attacking these issues make certain people feel powerful?


Good point, Mila. People all of a sudden are really vigilant and passionate about stupid things like this -- all the other legit injustices (extrajudicial killings, etc.), silence. Depressing. Even more ridiculous, I read that some celebrity politician (not named) wants the ACTRESS Teri Hatcher to apologize. Pathetic.

Jon Limjap

The sad thing is, the issue got much more divisive than it needed to be. Filipino bloggers have been fighting over it way more than it's worth fighting over.


As Torn says, foreigners have to tip-toe carefully here, but I can't help making a connection between the preposterous reaction to Desperate Housewives (100,000 protest signatures and counting) and the equally ludicrous way Jasmine Trias was adopted as the pinnacle of Philippine achievement after finishing third in American Idol.

The Philippines is an exceptional country with so much to be genuinely proud of and so many problems to be addressed, so why does so much energy get wasted on trivial issues?

Why do so many people feel threatened by a 10-second throwaway line on an American TV show? And why, in the case of Trias, was so much national pride invested in a young American woman who probably couldn't find the Philippines on a map?

Another example of squandered time and energy is the icon status accorded Manny Pacquiao, who seems to make a handsome living by beating the same couple of Mexican fighters, and who, outside the ring, is . . . well, let's say he doesn't seem to represent all that is good about the Philippines.

It's all so absurd and, for a foreigner, completely baffling. It seems almost as if Philippine self-esteem is about as brittle as lechon skin.

Forget Desperate Housewives. Wish Jasmine Trias good luck in her home state of Hawaii. And treat Manny Pacquiao as someone who should be on the back page of the paper and not the front. And then concentrate on the stuff that really needs attention.


I am of Irish descent and I take offence whenever the media portrays Irish as drunkards. I'm starting a petition too - as soon as I sober up enough to write it. Then I'm off to the pub to collect signatures!


Quite, I'd be happy to sign your petition, but being Scottish I've costed my time and I feel I would get higher returns elsewhere. Good luck with it anyway (you old soak).


Sili -- Just realized it was you who mentioned Exile on Mainstreet in an earlier comment -- yes, it's not a record to return to too often, but it always sounds wonderful when you do. Sticky Fingers is my other favourite.


Those 2 and Let It Bleed. I listen to more jazz these days - got a bunch of Monk, Dolphy, Brotzmann, Steve Lacy, etc with me this trip. However, some moods only Exile will do. It was under such a one that I accidently discovered your fine and finely named blog.



There was a time in Europe when a single insult could result into a serious duel as to "save" one's honor.

Europeans have wisened up since then. Filipinos will eventually get there ... in about 200 years?

Posted by: Acda | October 07, 2007 at 08:47 PM"

Yeah, they wisened up by dishing less insults. Americans could take heed.

amateur misanthrope

Hello, Torn, I posted my response to this post in my blog.

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