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October 10, 2007



Leave the Church!It's all humbug. Spain, Portugal and Ireland (to name a few) started to prosper as the Church lost power.


Perhaps the Japanese were right in keeping away the missionaries before contaminating their culture.


This is not completely related, but in a similar line of twisted thinking, I read somewhere that it's a GOOD thing that high-powered female executives choose not to have children because their kind (i.e. women that actually like to work) will eventually become extinct as that gene does not get passed on to the next generations. Boo.


Here's a counter-proposal: neuter all priests. That will significantly reduce population growth all over the world.


Ah, the $64m question: what is “real serious economic management and proper economic planning of our country."

And I thought the people in charge were just a bunch of jokers. Former comedians, basketball players and actors... hmmm.


gah. just had a horrid thought. can you imagine if they did a pinoy version of the west wing?!


To be fair, the Bishop is not entirely wrong, just misguided. Of course the Philippines is in serious need of family planning methods, but in tandem with economic development and growth. If politicians spent less time on impeachment issues and concentrated on allocating the funds raised by VAT to massive infrastructure projects that will provide employment for the masses and invest in their future, then things may begin to improve.


wysgal, women who like to work will never become extinct.

you can take any poor, motivated, 12 year old female basurero, give her the opportunities (put her through grade school, high school, college, give her a masters in business, find work in a fortune 500 company, make her climb the corporate ladder) and there you just made a high-powered female exec out of a female slum dweller.

The earth will never run out of motivated people. For living is motivation.

It's opportunities that's lacking.

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