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November 08, 2007



Lol. Everyone asked: "Sehen Sie mir in Spiegel?" (Do you see me in the mirror?) To the (twin) girl(s) and she actually said 'yes!' Even commenting to the guy "Vielleicht Sie sind ein Vampir!" (Perhaps you're a vampire!) hahahaha.



Ha, ha. Well, it did help to speak German after all.


Cant help to watch it again lol.----

At 4:44 when woman with coat removes her glasses

Woman with reflection: "Jetzt sind Sie dann weg." (Now you are gone.) --------

At 4:58, the woman with coat puts back her glasses and the one with reflection says: "Jetzt, sind Sie wieder." (Now, you're there again.)

And finally the woman with coat said: "Ich komme vom anderen stern, glaub ich." (I come from another star, I think.)-----------------Wahahahaha

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