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November 04, 2007


R Velasquez

First of all, congratulations on such a great blog. I've been a visitor for quite a while now and this would be my first time to comment.

Anyway, I've always found GMA to be an indecisive leader, with poor political instincts. I hope to get the issue of Newsbreak you cited and learn more about the NAIA 3 debacle. Thanks again on such a great blog. Cheers!


Hi Torn, i bought the Special Issue of Newsbreak Sept to Dec 2007 but i can't find the article on NAIA. The entire issue is devoted to Human Trafficking.


R. Velasquez -- Many thanks for your nice comment. It is always great to hear from new readers. We agree on GMA -- the ironic thing about her is that she tried to sell herself as a "conviction politician" in the Thatcher mold. I'm no fan of the Iron Lady but at least she knew her own mind.

cvj -- That's weird! I have no explanation -- are there two magazines called Newsbreak I wonder?


Newsbreak has now three special editions:

The A to Z of NAIA 3 Special Issue

Human Trafficking Special Issue

Post-Elections Special Issue

Cvj bought the wrong issue.


that's the way journalism should be. unlike the irresponsible, hyped-up "documentaries" of others


Sidney, thanks for the clarification.

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