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November 08, 2007



Torn, thanks for the plug and kind words. My regret is I couldn't subtitle the docus.

btw, have you heard Jagger's new solo cd? Great stuff.


Hi Howie -- That's a shame, but I have my own in-house translator. I haven't heard the new Jagger album, though I did read something about it -- I'll look out for it!

jheyvee fulgencio

this is for mr. howie severino, good day sir'! i am jheyvee fulgencio, a second year student taking up mass communications.
i was at the 3rd annual conferenceof journalism and mass communication students of the philippines, which was held at the afp theater, camp aguinaldo, quezon city, yesterday.
i would like to ask for your email adress, for the reason that i would like to watch the full-lenght of the documentary "multo ng nakaraan"
please do response.
thanks you and good day.

Kezia Chretien B. Romblon

Hello Mr. Howie Severino! I wanted to watch the full version of your documentary "Multo ng Nakaraan". I was there at the 3rd Annual Media Conference of Journalism and Communication Students of the Philippines held at AFP theatre last August 17, 2008, sadly we weren't able to watch its full version because the time given was limited. I hope to hear from you soon. Please email me if you have time.. keziachretien@yahoo.com thank you and God Bless You!


ser owie anong fav nyong nagawang DOCU???? idol ko kayo...ser!!! sna makita ko kayo in person... d ako nakkapunta sa docu fest e.. kelan kya ule may ducu fest ser??

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