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November 15, 2007


Melissa Alipalo

My husband reminded me recently that I once interviewed this character Akbar when I was covering the Burnham et al hostage crises in Basilan. What I remember of the interview is this: it regarded his policy of jailing friends and family members of suspected Abu Sayyaf members as a strategy for convincing (or baiting) the rebels to surrender. This included incarcerating minors, pregnant women and elderly relatives. Some died while in jail. Others fell ill. The cells were overcrowded and filthy. I don't know that one rebel ever surrendered under this strategy.
Akbar was insane. His followers, fools.


I am sure he is in heaven with 72 virgins of Paradise as reward for his good deeds.


This is one of those times when you realize that Death has a purpose.


Sidney - don't you mean "72 white raisins of crystal clarity"? (http://www.guardian.co.uk/religion/Story/0,2763,631357,00.html) ;)


Micketymoc. Alas I can't open your link.
But I thought it were virgins and not white raisins.

Tomas Henry

Sidney, the hyperlink apparently contains a parenthesis at its end where none should not be . When the "Bad Request" window appears, remove the parenthesis after the .html and you will see the white raisins


He,he... thanks for the link.
This might be a big disappointment for Akbar!

Fozia Wahab

Thanks for share with us keep it up

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