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December 24, 2007


The Equalizer

This following poem is composed entirely of actual quotes from Gloria Arroyo

"Practice What You Preach!"

I am only human
I do not plan my life.
I have no grandiose dreams
The truth is I am cute and short !

It is not a cabinet that meets at midnight
Our Cabinet members were chosen on the basis of integrity.
I have asked the Secretary to stop stage-managed kidnappings
Just articulate what we are doing, less glitz, less porma!

Let the trial begin!
The court has spoken, and the message is clear.
Well, if he wants me to visit him, I will.
No one but no one can set conditions!

I am the President of all Filipinos
We shall give peace a chance
The only peace for them is the peace of the graveyard
They will be pulverized!

Malacanang is not bothered
The military now is very professional.
There will be no peace table for them
If they want to stay alive, they should surrender!

The days of plunder are over
Nobody is near a corridor of power
My example is integrity
Practice what you preach!


One day I hope to buy a CD of Gloria reciting that poem in her beautiful musical voice ...


Happy Birthday Torn!


Happy birthday, Torn.
Am so bad in remembering numbers. The next coffee or whatsoever is on me.


Having Frayed this obviously isnt a poem for your birthday, but still the 1st I think of when thinking birthday poems. For better and for worse, still as true for me now as it was at 35. That last stanza's the kicker. A happy belated to you!

Ballade at Thirty-five

This, no song of an ingénue,
This, no ballad of innocence;
This, the rhyme of a lady who
Followed ever her natural bents.
This, a solo of sapience,
This, a chantey of sophistry,
This, the sum of experiments, --
I loved them until they loved me.

Decked in garments of sable hue,
Daubed with ashes of myriad Lents,
Wearing shower bouquets of rue,
Walk I ever in penitence.
Oft I roam, as my heart repents,
Through God's acre of memory,
Marking stones, in my reverence,
"I loved them until they loved me."

Pictures pass me in long review,--
Marching columns of dead events.
I was tender, and, often, true;
Ever a prey to coincidence.
Always knew I the consequence;
Always saw what the end would be.
We're as Nature has made us -- hence
I loved them until they loved me.

Dorothy Parker

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