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February 17, 2008


Jon Limjap

Should the people use that power?

And hell, to benefit *who*, this time?


Exactly. That point was very much on the minds of the organizers of Friday's Makati rally when they made sure that "politicians" were not on the stage. Yet if that made sound organizational sense I think was a bit dishonest. As you say, *someone* would benefit from another regime change and it won't be some knight in shining armor who rises from the NGO ranks.


It will immediately "benefit" Noli De Castro, whom, lest we forget, the people voted for. We all remember the people, right? But what're we going to do? If you want another person to lead, the next election is in 2010, unless De Castro quits so we'll have new elections.

Im not the biggest fan of one-man-one-vote myself, but that's the system we have now. Are you guys suggesting another way to elect leaders other than popular elections?

The CBCP is divided on how to proceed. That's another missing element in the equation. Communal action? That could be anything. Whether we like it or not, the Church's role in this is crucial. They have to be more specific.


I went to the EDSA Shrine on the night the senate voted against the opening of the envelope back in 2001.

I went straight there after office hours and stayed there until 1AM everyday.

I walked from Makati to EDSA on the final day when the military brass finally withdrew their support from Erap.

These days, I rarely follow all these scandals and revelations.

I think I'm afflicted with People Power Fatigue. And I think a lot of Filipinos are, too.


Sadam Hussein was an evil leader but getting rid of him at the wrong time brought chaos and put Iraq in a worse situation, I think. I hope we think this whole thing through before we jump.


"By comparison, Gloria is rattled, but still in a much stronger position than Erap in 2000"

For sure GMA is smarter than Erap...and I guess she learned from the past. But she is heading to some very difficult times... I wouldn't bet all my money on her anymore.

Like in most "Asian democracies" the army (in the long run)will decide of her fate. The top brass is behind her but I doubt the lower level of the army is happy with GMA.


I can understand why Maridol, Jerry and Jeg are reluctant to support any movement toward regime change, given the limited benefits the last two people power revolts have brought. They are right that the country really needs to figure out what the consequences of another such event would be.

It's a tough choice though: put up with a unpopular regime that seems riddled with corruption, or tear it down again in the knowledge that what you put in its place may be even worse. For the first time in the last decade the economic outlook is quite rosy and that would certainly be affected by more turbulence.

On the other hand, who has caused this crisis? It is not the media, the bishops, or the opposition. It is the actions of the administration. I can't believe that the president did not know what Abalos was cooking up -- otherwise, why did she leave her husband's sickbed when he was apparently at death's door, to rush up to China to sign the MOU? As for the Lozada abduction it turns out that the Presidential Security Guard was involved in that too.

Getting rid of the current administration would certainly have costs, but so would putting up with such flagrant abuses.

Ted sanchez

Yes, we made a huge mistake in EDSA 2, and look what we got? However, a bigger mistake here is not even trying to correct a wrong that has been done. Apathy is not an option. How many times do we need to try? as long as there is something GOOD to be achieved, as long as there is hope for better governance and a better future for our children. That is why the Philippines has come to this, because of people who are too apathetic and can't be bothered, or too scared to stir the pot, knowing that the water underneath is very murky. How many countries have risen from the ashes? There is Thailand ( after the Asian currency crisis of 1997, they rose in 1999),Vietnam, ( risen in 1993, after vietnam war)Hongkong ( from being most corrupt in 1965, now the honor is ours, look at where it is right now),Cambodia ( after indo-china war will overtake our gdp in two years time), Myanmar, Sarajevo, and so on and so forth... WHY CAN'T WE? There is ALWAYS something better, but how can we get there if we have these kind of attitudes? You want a better government, THEN be vigilant!Be involved! Don't you realize all the money that could have gone to the people is being stolen by only a few? Don't you realize that the taxes being collected from your monthly salaries should be going to FREE education, FREE hospitalization and social services? That in other countries, IT IS THE NORM to go to public schools, because the schools are well funded, and better that private schools? That in other countries, government hospitals are better equipped than private hospitals, that is why the citizens go there for FREE healthcare? That, if you are a single mother, jobless, unable to work because if injuries, physically handicapped, have special needs, that you shopuld be getting some support from your government because of the taxes you paY? Don't you even WISH it could happen to the Philippines one day? At the end of the day, I guess it's better if you go all out for Arroyo than be apathetic and lazy. It's like being one of those who don't join industrial actions, they just watch and wait to see what others would do, that is risking their livelihood and even lives sometimes, but if the Union wins, lahat nanginginabang..

Kevin Ray N. Chua

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