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February 03, 2008


failed misanthrope

If I could vote in the US, I'd go for Obama, too! Wow that man can speak! We haven't heard the likes of him for a while.


If Huckabee and Clinton get the nominations it will be a choice between someone who has nearly escaped from Arkansas and someone who has seen no reason to try to escape. Douglas MacArthur was born at the Little Rock Armory. He escaped.


female rulers are a curious thing...
they never seem to please anyone. well, maybe a few, though am still stuck on this QE1 essay. Any tips?

as for Hils... wonder if her gender has a part to play in the race and her need for being so defensive?


Eevil -- I wonder that too -- do we compare female leaders such as Clinton and Arroyo because they are women and therefore we think they are comparable, or does succeeding in a man's world require a cerain set of characteristics? Hard to say.

From what I understand about Hillary's past, she had a very domineering father -- I think that explains a lot about her.


Hi Torn,

Super Tuesday's over and yet, Hillary still doesn't have a lock on the Democratic nomination. News also came out this morning here in the States that she is lending $5 million of her personal funds to her campaign to shore up its finances. The battle with Obama continues.

I am also rooting for Obama here. Hillary is a very polarizing figure and people should remember that in the eight years that she and Bill were in the White House, she also had her share of controversy and scandal. Whitewater, Vince Foster's mysterious death, entertaining campaign contributors at the White House's Lincoln Bedroom are the few ones that come to mind. There are some more. She is vindictive and is always of the belief that there is a vast conspiracy against her and her husband.

The Democratic Party establishment would be total idiots to nominate her. A Hillary nomination would only serve as the unifying and galvanizing force that the Republicans would need to put another Republican in the White House come November.

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