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February 21, 2008



shortly before he died, my father apologized to me for trying to raise me on the model of john stuart mill.


Really? The results were quite successful in each case (in terms of intellect) but it's not nice to put kids through that.


yes, it inspires delinquency at the very least if not mental illness.


Maybe today Mill would root for the skinny guy from Chicago but I think early on he would have been for the short guy from Cleveland.


Mill may have had a nervous breakdown at 20, but he still lived a long and full life. The fact that he lived in France could not have been bad for opening up his horizons (skinny guy did so in Indonesia?). Moreover, I kind of get the feeling that Ayn Rand was descended from Mill's line of thinking (utilitarianism a precursor for objectivism?)


Well written article.

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