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February 10, 2008


The Equalizer

"Grabe ang Presyo ang Magmahal sa Bayan!"

The following poem is composed entirely of actual quotes from Jun Lozada,the brave ONE:

"Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk for this country!"

Grabe na presyo ang magmahal sa bayan.
Ito ang kinakatatakutan ko eh.
The price is simply too much.
Who would like a life like this?

Yung mga nanloloko sa bayan uuwi sa magagarang bahay nila.
Nandun sa lahat ng mga comfort,
lahat ng kaginhawahan ng yaman nila.
Pero yung mga katulad ko, natutulog ka sa sofa.

I did it jut because I came to a point
that I can’t take it anymore.
they had been trying to let me sign documents denying about the abduction,
denying that I know anything about ZTE.

I know I brought trouble to myself.
I didn’t want to put my family in harm's way.
But just like I told in my press conference,
Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk for this country


I seriously doubt that we'll find closure here. As you said, the House is now controlled by a GMA lapdog. I'm hoping that if an impeachment case can't progress in Congress that this case be worked through the courts. However, uncovering the truth and punishing the guilty will still be an uphill battle there. Sigh.

failed misanthrope

It won't be a watershed moment, that's for damn sure. Marcos, we must remember, lasted for twenty years. The people simply suffered and suffered it.


These corrupt politicians should be caught on tape first. There should be a paper trail to bank deposits.

Otherwise, all these testimonies are just hearsay.

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