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February 29, 2008



... and in a few weeks it is Holy Week and school holidays.
The removal of GMA wasn't a good solution anyway. You don't change a President because a mob manifest its discontent in the streets. This is the wrong kind of democracy.

carlos celdran

Yes. We get the government we deserve. I agree with you on this one completely.

Now can we all get back to work please? This "People Power 4" BS is obviously going nowhere. I had to cancel my dinner reservations at aubergine because of this rally.



oh, poor carlos. how sad.

Pedestrian Observer GB

It is too early to predict the futility of demanding for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's resignation...... other newspaper accounts have pointed a massive rally enough to catch the attention of the international press.

This is just the beginning in the same manner that Ninoy Aquino's funeral did not topple Marcos at that instance but through suceeding events that followed.


Sidney – I am not sure about that. Each country fashions its own form of democracy and in a country with very weak and unresponsive institutions taking to the streets is sometimes the only way. If people weren’t prepared to protest, we might have Bong-Bong Marcos as president!

Pedestrian Observer – I agree, let’s see whether this thing builds. I just felt that there was great anticipation among the anti-GMA forces about this rally. If it had been the success that many were predicting, it really would have moved the protests to a higher level. But let’s see, as you said.

Jon Limjap

What would you expect of a rally that is supposed to voice out against corruption, when it is graced and attended by a *plunder convict* who was loudly cheered?

I would've given issue to the no-fly zone and the blocking of the UP delegation + provincial protesters, but Erap's presence in this "interfaith" rally only made my anger go pffffffft.

carlos celdran


Right? It is sad. It's really hard to get reservations there. So annoying.

So glad you understand my situation.

Mwah. :o)

And I'd can the sarcasm, Manolo. It isn't one of your strengths. Just saying.

Peace bro.

carlos celdran

Since we are using the Ninoy analogy, It took three years between Ninoys assasination and EDSA I.

In three years, Glo will be out.

GOD. Can't you all just wait and spend your energy now finding a better replacement to run against the administration candidatez?

That would be HELL More productive than all this boring protesting and whining.


It's too soon to conclude...

The pictures taken along with the live TV coverage show a formidable crowd...but the fact that it seemed to pass by without incident is just proof that the public sentiment still has to reach the boiling point...in layman's terms, "di pa bumubukol"

Besides, if the Opposition is really serious in driving GMA out, I'd suggest they resort to the following:

1) Agree upon a leader that everyone can relate to and rally around (please, not Erap or Cory!!! Definitely NOT Jun Lozada either!)

2) Draw first blood...kick teeth and ass!!!

3) Corollary to 1)...formulate a workable, doable post-GMA economic plan.

While they are doing so...I'm afraid GMA will continue merrily along her way, doing her best to prop up the economy, damn her critics...hey, I'm no fan of GMA myself, I think if she's found guilty she MUST be impeached, but constitutional procedure instead of mob rule should be followed here

Captain Crunch

People really don't have any power.

People Power 1: military withdrew support, Marcos fled
People Power 2: military withdrew support, Erap fled, supreme court inaugurates new president
People Power 3: no constitutionally recognized stakeholder affected power structure

By all accounts, the "people" part of the recent power shifts of the last 20 years had no "power". The power rests on whether they can bully a president into leaving the office. Thus, people power is inversely proportional to the "will of the president to stay in the office despite being bullied".

Marcos was bullied. Erap was bullied.

If the president doesn't want to leave as in the case of GMA, then they have no power.

The military has been so far the constitutionally recognized stakeholder that can oust a president. If the left, right, and the church wants to oust a hard-headed GMA, I suggest that we pull our money together and BRIBE the generals into withdrawing support for GMA rather than waste our time on these rallies that CANNOT bully GMA.

Captain Crunch

But of course, GMA is already ahead of the curve against yous Filipinos. She most definitely already has the pockets of these generals to the tune of hundreds of millions of pesos.

And I doubt that the participants of these rallies or anybody willing to oust Gloria can match that, financially or logistically (like who the hell would they trust to hold the bribe money).

My message is nothing can oust Gloria, or any president for that matter if it's not the military or Congress through impeachment.

Wait 'til we have a parliamentary style democracy. It'd be easier to "vote out" governments than with the present presidential setup.


Torn - tama ka uli
Kapitan Krunch - i think gma sees the same picture as you. the extension of esperon was another sly (but damn well placed) move on her part.
Carlos - mahirap ang buhay mo yun. but at least your patrons know for what they are being charged so dearly AND they're willing and able to shell out for it. gma's constituents benefit from no such truth in advertising and can ill afford such inflated prices, di ba? subalit i understand fully why you and pj o'rourke have no interest in changing the status quo in either of your respective countries.


The crowd was at its peak for the prayer rally and began to diminish after that part was concluded before 6 pm. That was the part they came for, and it was that part that was advertised. So the 'interfaith rally' part didnt disappoint. They did pull in about 80k.

The political rally came after that.

(Jun Lozada I gather was supposed to speak during the interfaith rally part but was prevailed upon to speak at 6:30 since the organizers said the live news on TV didnt start til 6:30.)


Hindi na kami naniniwala sa mga rally dahil may nakapag-ulat sa aming mga nagtatrabaho dito sa Kongreso na ang palasyo ang isa sa nasa likod ng ganitong rally kasi hawak din nila ang KMU, Bayad Muna, Akbayad at iba pa at ginagawa nila po kasi nila ito nang dahil alam nilang dumanas din ng rally si Haring Anthony S. Martin noong panahong niloloko sila ni Alvin Almirante ng Ang Bagong Lahing Filipino Development Foundation, Inc. na baka sakaling lumabas uli ang hari para mag-rally; at hulihin nila nang sa kanila mapunta ang pinaglalawayan nilang pondong nakalaan sa ating mga Pilipino kaya hindi pumayag ang mga senador na ma-extend ang termino ni Arroyo dahil sa alam din nila ang perang hawak ng hari para sa ating mga Pilipino; tulad ni Gloria noong panahon ni Erap. Kasi kapag lumabas na sa TV at Media si HM, King Anthony S. Martin, GMA will be totally Dissolved and AFP and PNP knew already that HM, King Anthony S. Martin is the Real Head of State who also known as High Grandmaster in the Knights of Malta.


Civil disobedience did during the time of Erap but why they didn't do it during Arroyo because some of the wicked militant parties are allies of GMA like KMU, Bayad Muna, Akbayad, Anak-Pawis, Pamalakaya and others. They're gathering for their own pocket when palace paid them before rally comes worth Php 1, 000, 000 per rallies and deductible from People's Money. How could this wicked people do this dirty job using us and our taxes for their own benefit? This is ridiculous and we called an immediate attention to HM, King Anthony Santiago Martin that whenever he assumed office let this wicked groups be send to jail together with GMA their boss.


Makati and EDSA 3 is not the answer of removing former Pres. Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo because how could you removed a President already known to the world as acting Leader and not a President, the people doesn't care GMA as Head of State but HM, King Anthony S. Martin but where is the Original HM, King Anthony S. Martin, unlike those Fake HM, King Anthony S. Martin who traveled in all Malls in the Philippine Islands because of envy and greediness of money while NBI, US and UN Authorities are also around there looking and searching for fake HM, King Anthony S. Martin to go in prison; he's residing in the postal number 133 Rizal St., San Sebastian, The Holy Town of Hagonoy, Bulacan, Philippine Islands and having complete facial birthmarks written in the Last Will and Testament. The Filipino People, according to the Last Will and Testament, is the Sole Beneficiaries of the Holy Wealth handled by HM, King Anthony S. Martin.


The Filipino People is really betrayed when GMA, a puppet of Greed Authorities abroad assumed office. But now, those dogs are behind also of GMA on how to Cheat HM, King Anthony Santiago Martin of handling these Holy Assets for the Filipino People, I'm really appreciating the good fortune of the Filipino People because of King Anthony who surveyed as good and non-greedy King.


We had no hope for KMU, Anakbayad and other paid militants to turn their support against GMA because GMA has used these militants in order to shout their opposition to GMA in exchange of at least P 10, 000, 000 Taxpayers Money. HM, King Anthony S. Martin, please reveal yourself now for the Filipino People.

Tony Gonzales

Filipino People, we knew that the deal of HM, King Anthony S. Martin in HSBC HK, Maybank Malaysia, Bank of America, Citibank and other global accounts had finally reactivated please pray hard to let the King successfully implement Humanitarian and National Economic Development Program. HM, King Anthony S. Martin is not an Owner of all Global Accounts deposited worldwide but a Trustee of the Real Owner: Holy God and the Filipino People.

Account Deleted

Once the" DIVINE GOVERNMENT" will be implemented in the Philipines and through out the whole world,thats the time HM Anthony King Martin reveals himself and his material body.And his" Lemurian" people.

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It's the culture that counts.

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