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February 20, 2008



Hi Torn,

That's what gets me about Hilary--she's pikon. She's vindictive, she doesn't connect readily with people. You can't be like that and be a great leader. She might be a better manager, a more astute policy wonk, but it takes certain qualities to be a politician. Though we take potshots at the worst of them, it takes so much to be a great politician.


The Obama-Nation is rising! Just like the Manchurian candidate.

Most of his backers don't really care how smart or how qualified this guy is. To them his most important quality is that of a consensus builder not only here in the states but, as a lot of leftwingnutters are hoping, in the Muslim world as well because of his Islamic background.

The only problem is that the Muslim world aren't all that interested in building a consensus.


I've never been interested in visiting the US, partly because I've no hope of getting a visa and also, my peso savings wouldn't go a long way in dollar country.

But now I'm thinking of getting an appointment at the US embassy to secure a visa just so I could witness Obama's oathtaking as the 44th US president.

That's how intense I've been afflicted with Obamamania.

I just don't know if US consuls would buy my reason for wanting to go to America.

Maybe not. Sigh.


I'd take Hillary over any Republican but she reminds me too much of Gloria Arroyo.

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