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March 13, 2008



What about the politicos involved with these women? True bimbos, di ba? I particularly like Louisiana Senator David Vitter since he made his reputation on religious conservatism and 'family values.' Bimbo talaga.


Men a fools...


That link is broken btw. I can't believe she's only had 1333 views?

Major Tom

An illicit affair is one surefire way to bring down a pol in America. Bill Clinton nearly went down but didn't. But I feel her wife is feeling the crunch nowadays.

Salamat Mabuhay

"'Noli mi tangere' for Caesar's I am
And wild for to hold though I seem tame."

Thomas Wyatt the Elder

Believed to have been used with reference to one of those notorious Boleyn girls.


I found and find things like this fascinating. Especially from women who have seemingly grown up in a good family.

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