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August 13, 2008



A better way to compare affordability is by the minimum wage.

Philippine minimum wage - around 45 pesos/hr.
UK minimum wage - around 5 pounds/hr.

Which means one working hour in either country affords you a packet of cigarette.

So you're argument that cigarettes in the Philippines are cheaper is bull.

Major Tom

Death can be as cheap, especially here in our country.

Raising taxes on cigarrete is one sure manner in order to discourage cigarrette use. But you know, smokers might just wage a revolution and their numbers is just wide, wide enough to bring down a government.

By then, it could be referred to as the "cigarette revolution", if ever. :-)


> A better way to compare affordability is by the minimum wage.

No,to compare affordability, you don't compare nominal wages/prices. You compare what these amounts can buy or what a person has to forego in order to buy cigarettes.

45 pesos can buy around 1.2 kilos of rice in Manila, OR 1/4 kilo of pork OR a round-trip bus fare within Quezon City. Not a spectacular amount of money even for a minimum wage-earner.

Five pounds can buy a whole chicken, AND a loaf of bread AND a small bunch of grapes in London. Five pounds is also the cost of 5 bus rides within the city (assuming you take only 1 bus ride to work, that's 2 days' worth of travel, coming and going, plus 1 extra trip).

In comparison, therefore, cigarettes ARE more expensive in the UK than in the Philippines.

Also, a packet of cigarettes in the Philippines consists of 20 sticks, while here, a packet is just 10 sticks. So even just the price per unit is higher here.

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