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August 10, 2008



I think the Catholic Church should sell all of its treasures to help support all these kids it is wittingly foisting on people who can barely afford them.


We share a whimsical naming tradition with black Americans, who name their kids "Shaquanda" and other oddly spelled, African-sounding but completely made-up names. I think it's the consequence of a lost past--we don't even have our 'own' names anymore and so we use and re-purpose Western ones. Sometimes it gets weird: remember the Pinoy guy who angered Germans by being named Hitler?

I smile when I encounter someone with a surname like "Dimagiba" (Indestructible). How cool. Or Thais named "Wan Pen" (Full Moon). I want a name that means something to me!

Re baby offers: I have a gay acquaintance who has had babies left at his doorstep! He raised 2 kids this way. They call him 'daddy', which confuses people because he looks like a (pretty) woman. Pinoys have very flexible interpretations of 'family'--a lot more flexible than what the Catholic church prescribes.


On that same line, another thing that's been pointed out to me by torn (which I never realized til then) is how common the name Rommel is here. Why it is a favourite among pinoys? And does it have anything to do with Erwin Rommel - Germany's most famous commander during WWII? In fact, if you google Rommel, you will see entries for Erwin Rommel AND other pinoy Rommels on the first page!


Apparently it does have something to do with Field Marshall Rommel. What about Erwin -- isn't that a popular Pinoy name too?


So 'Rommel' does have some connection with that German commander. I did wonder about that before. Makes sense. Hitler's (the Pinoy man) brother is called Himmler, so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. The entire SS line-up in one Pinoy family.

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on names, i have a nephew named Sinag Araw and a niece Anahaw. I'm planning to name my future children using Filipino names too and not 2 English names common to newborns.

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Apparently it does have something to do with Field Marshall Rommel.

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