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October 14, 2008


Jon Limjap

Makati Med has become an atrocious hospital when it comes to charges. Medical City *was* in fact a better option.


I remember when i happened to visit the Makati Med ER back in the 90's, i heard a man crying out in the vernacular in pain 'Aruy!' 'Aruy!'. Next thing i heard was someone singing that Tagalog folk song 'Aruy aruy aruy aruy aruy aruy aruy...' I think they call that phenomenon 'Emergency Room Syndrome' where those who are used to seeing (and treating) emergencies start to take it as normal everyday stuff.


Jon -- I agree. The last straw was when I learned last night that Makati Med is charging P3,500 each for Noel and Tina for the certificate so we can bring the case. That's just so outrageous.

cvj -- Yes, that's exactly the sort of thing we saw. In other circumstances I would say that the Filipino's ability to make light of a bad situation (kids laughing in the rain, etc) is a national strength. However, I would have thought that casual and unserious attitude would have been left at the door of an operating theater.


Torn... don't tell me that YOU are surprised...

Nothing you tell here surprises me...
No, that is not true... I am surprised Noel survived his ordeal...

Makati Med is supposed to be in the league of the "better" hospitals.
You should visit some smaller hospitals in the poorer neighborhoods and you will truly understand that your odds aren't all too good to get out alive if you got a serious accident.

I always wanted to do a photo series about hospitals in Manila... but that is quite a challenge. Maybe one day...

And I will not even comment on the eagerness of the PNP to catch criminals... ;-)


Holy cow, I'm terribly sorry to hear about what happened to your driver T and F. A double blow, from the medical industry and the police.


You perform a service by posting in such detail about Makati Med. It is notorious for apathetic service and overcharging. Perhaps more reporting like this will enable someone to synthesize and actually come up with an accident victim's guide to Metro Manila hospitals, with corresponding fees. That may put the terrible ones in their place and highlight the underrated ones.


I'm an American-Filipino and I was not impressed at all by the ER at Makati Med. I had a good experience though at St. Luke's. My mother is a nursing alum from St. Luke's and knows the the system very well. I can't believe they charged close to 5k at MM when I paid a little over 1k at St. Luke's for ER treatment and had my gallbladder surgically removed and spent close to a week in my own private room. Just have nothing to do with elitist hospitals! And let me tell you something about the staff at St. Luke's ER: they were hopping and had no time to waste.

I believe you can waste a lot of money and time (don't be surprised if you're swindled) if you are misinformed in a foreign country. Sadly drinking and lewd behavior is very common in poor neighborhoods, and the police are part of the problem.

When will Filipinos change...for the better? My relatives in PI think
I'm a highly opinionated American when I bring up this subject. The problem is Filipinos have collectively become passive and the few who speak out are labeled as radicals or unpatriotic.

tin whiskers

Can we take medical or industrial X-Ray without X-Ray tube i.e; Daylight X-Rays?


I am Filipino by birth, but grew up in the USA, and now work as a physician here in the states.

In Manila, any expat or returning Filipino would do well to consider medical care, if needed, only from hospitals certified by the USA-based JCAHO/JCI (Joint Commision on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations/Joint Commission International). If one receives care one thinks is substandard or is charged unreasonably, one may then report said institution to JCI -- said issue may then be reviewed by JCI at next round of re-certification.

In Manila JCI-certified hospitals are, sadly, only 2: St. Luke's Medical Center, and The Medical City.


Better move to Davao: ironically, it is much safer. the Duterte's do not tolerate such crimes. Before the week's end, the perpetrator would have been executed in Davao by "justices of the peace". Unfortunately, this is the kind of policing the PH needs. It is essentially a lawless society ruled as a mafia state of powerful families.


When my wife needed surgery, your report on your experiences at Makati Med stuck in our mind. We considered Makati Med but decided on Manila Doctor's Hospital. My wife had major surgery, a six day hospital stay in 2011 for about one-half what you paid in 2008 for Noel and Tina's care.


Your driver had eight doctors? I bet only one or two actually participated in his treatment. I've a brother who also had surgery at the MMC too several years ago and the total cost was way beyond what we anticipated.


You should have kept it a secret from the hospital staff who was footing the medical bills. Then you would have been charge far less than what you paid/

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