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January 10, 2009



Yeah, it's really sobra. Is it because we are going through a quiet period or does the Inquirer have some other agenda?


as my theory goes, it's not about drugs, it's about class. the over-the-top coverage of this story (plus the valley golf hooha) reflects the psychology of PDI editors and readers. the 'alabang boys' and the 'gucci gang' represent all that is reprehensible about philippine high society (in the pinoy middle class psyche): decadent, incompetent, corrupt.

of course there are also druggies among the poor but they don't get this much coverage in the inquirer. the tabloids frame drug use among the poor differently: they are violent, thieving, treacherous no-hopers. they are evidently taking the wrong drugs.

but as you say, torn, it is also about the hysterical attitude towards drugs in the philippines. most filipino parents i know (including mine) think that if you take any kind of drugs, you are automatically an addict. if you smoke and/or drink, you're on your way to being an addict--esp. if you are a woman.

what they must think of the british. i'm not saying i find it nice, but almost all brits i've met have taken drugs at point or another in their lives. it still shocks me how commonplace it is but there you go.

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This is probable because local officials are protected by Civilian Volunteers Organizations and Cages that prevent policemen and PDEA agents from entering their towns to arrest drug lords and drug users. Many mayors in the Muslim areas have become extremely wealthy because of the drug business.

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what they must think of the british. i'm not saying i find it nice, but almost all brits i've met have taken drugs at point or another in their lives.

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That is embarrassing for the government for not capable on controlling these small group of deliquents.


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The bastards were caught red handed selling drugs to a law enforcement agent (undercover). These guys are businessmen alright and not just boys taking drugs for fun. They should have done this in Singapore or Davao.

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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