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January 16, 2009


al d

have a good one al, say hello to the old country for me..........
we're off to see Arlo Guthrie in Oxford...seems to me that his form of direct action is'freer than America's politics. the money men don't control arlo.....

amateur ear

History, history, HISTORY!

Who knew we'd all see the day before the world whimpered?


woohoo! wish i could be there. i haven't been moved by elections and an election victory for the longest time. and he isn't even president of my country!

apart from my, aherm, personal interest in him, there's also the academic interest: i think he makes a good study for the power of rhetoric in politics.

have a great journey!


Transmit my warmest greetings to Obama.
Take care.

John P

Hey hey, my my!

Have a great time -- history most definitely in the making. And you can say that you were there.

Good to see that the blog is up and running again -- I hadn't checked it for weeks.


hey, give me a holler if you're in the DC/Baltimore area! have a great trip!

Tony  Yu

Who will pay Obama's expenses on his Inauguration? Was it again Filipino People's Money deposited in the US transferred to ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP chaired by HM, King Anthony S. Martin? Wow this is ridiculous and too much.


Thanks to all of you -- we had a great time as described above.

Carla, yes I agree. Fo all its faults, I think the US system does allow you hear a politician at some length, unlike the UK where it is one soundbite after another.

Hey Taylor, long time no hear from. We only read your message on our return but our time was brief anyway and we wouldn't have time to make it over to Baltimore. Hope everything is going well.

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He's the happiest man today, cuz he just announced Bin Laden is DEAD.

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ahh. This seems so long ago

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