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January 13, 2009



Well, I still liked it despite its implausible/impossible plot. As a friend says, it was a fairy tale love story with evil characters and good characters. If you see it that way, then it is an enjoyable film to see. The storytelling was good, and as you said the music and filming of it were great.

(He says, she says -- haha)


That’s true and I agree that it would be unrealistic to expect a fairy tale to have as watertight a plot as a regular drama (and after all, there are plenty of unbelievable events in Shakespeare).

Still, I don’t think the fact that you are writing a fairy tale frees you from a responsibility to create original and interesting characters. If Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm had just recycled clichés as this film did their works wouldn’t have been remembered as they are.


Al -- My driver is M.I.A. so I'd thought I'd catch up on your blog. I'm relieved to finally find someone who finds the movie a bit problematic on plot and character. I've been the lone killjoy on most conversations about this movie. What bothered me most was how the movie seems to leave poverty in the past, when I think it is still very march a part of Mubai's present. To his interrogator's question, "How does a slumdog know whose face is on a dollar," Jamal says, "That's easy. Bombay became Mumbai." And the film cuts to a city of ever increasing high rises. The poverty is tucked in the past. Everybody's a gangsta now.

On an industry note, Hollywood guru teachers are always telling filmmakers in this part of the world -- you have fascinating sets, these slums. We don't see these everyday -- you must make films here! The problem is the filmmakers are sick of these sets. They live in them and pass them everyday. As artists they want to explore other topics. Very few go there, and if they do -- it doesn't take much to be celebrated.


OK, ok I'm starting to sway to the other side and am seeing your points of view. After seeing "Waltz with Bashir",
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylzO9vbEpPg it's difficult to be as impressed with "Slumdog". Not that there is any need to compare but it drives the point that Slumdog M was not at all an accurate picture of reality. (hmm.. but then again does it have to be?)

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