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January 29, 2009



Great photos- and Aretha was awesome. I'm off to find that Facebook group now :)


Thanks Lorraine -- those cakes on your blog look pretty nice too!


Thanks :) - I did join the Facebook group, by the way, and wanted to share this post from there:
"Aretha's hat doesn't sit on her head -- it hovers above it with atomic power.
Aretha's hat didn't vote for Barack Obama -- it pronounced him the winner, and it was so.
Aretha's hat isn't Aretha's hat -- it's the hat's Aretha.
Rahm Emanuel only got the job because Aretha's Hat turned it down.
Aretha didn't bring her hat to the Inauguration -- it manifested out of the ether when it felt the time was right."


We look just like swarms of bees in that arial shot.


Great aerial shot, from the media coverage it looked like everyone was clumped in one section of the mall with a few smaller clumps by the Wash Monument and Lincoln. Does remind me of a swarm of insects, or even tobacco!

Samson Jackson

After we cordoned our welcome greetings to Pres. Barack Obama and farewell to George W. Bush, Filipino People must say Hello to HM, King Anthony S. Martin and say farewell to Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo.

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It's been a while since he was elected, now 2012 is getting closer for a new election.

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