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May 30, 2009



A few days ago I was telling my brother who complained about Belgium's regulations that I was living in the "Wild West" and that this has its dangers but also a lot of advantages...

Corruption can only survive if everybody is a little bit corrupt. You analogy with the spider web is excellent.

Pooh Tang y Nah

We should just decriminalize graft and corruption for private citizens. But make the fines and penalties so high (so high that we can bankrupt their business). It will hit three birds with one stone:
1. We won't have to put everybody in jail just because everybody is corrupt
2. We will raise government revenues
3. It will deter businessmen those contemplating graft

The decriminalization won't apply to those working in the government. Those who are caught in government can have two choices: return any earned and stolen money and be banned from working in government for life or spend punitive jail sentences that are draconian.

Paul K Egell-Johnsen

The thing missing in the Philippine society is trust. There is no trust in anything. You can't trust family, friends, politicians or government.

This lack of trust undermines any effort from anyone to make things better. Motives are always questioned.

And as a foreigner visiting a few times I can understand this lack of trust, I can see the rationality in doing so.

But as a Norwegian, living in a country where trust is almost naïve in its totality, or at least in appearance, it is that which seems to underlie a lot of the problems in the Philippines.

I also like to think of the Philippines as a society made up of equal parts Latin bureaucracy and politics and American free market ideology.

In other words learning the worst lessons from its two former colonial masters.

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The only thing I remember when I see Spiders web is to lead the life in a similar way like spider lives, this is because if you watch the Spider’s web you may feel how difficult to prepare it, but if you see the preparing of web by spider it’s so simple… In the same way if you think every small issue in a complicated way you may not find any way out of it, even you are honest. So try to lead a life in a simple way.

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