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June 10, 2009



hey torn
have you read gavin pretor pinney's bk ( he's chair of the cloud appreciation soc!)
he reckons clouds get a bad press!
i like the ones with silver linings


despite everything?


Cloud appreciation sounds an interesting concept! I'll have a look at the blog.

By "despite everything" I meant that to blog about the Philippines inevitably involves a degree of criticism--of corrupt politicians, of unexplained and univestigated killings, of the failure to make the simplest things work. I try to leaven my comments on these subjects with posts on more positive subects -- like the clouds! So I was really saying, despite the fact that I often write about negative aspects of the Philippines because I think these are subjects that need to be aired, I still love the country.

Sadly, one of my next posts will be about yet another killing of an agrarian activist ...


Bird watchers, cloud appreciators, train spotters-what the hell is wrong with these people?


Was 26C here one weekend, can't complain. Sounds selfish but I *hope* the predicted heat wave hereabouts does happen.

I've been going on lots of walks, among them the 2nd annual Rizal Walk in London on June 20.

Next up: Commie Walk to look at Marx and Engels' homes around Camden.


Thank you for writing this. I am a Filipino and did not appreciate the climate here until I went to the US, in sunny California. After only a week there, the novelty wore out, I was cold, and realized how lucky I am to live in the Philippines.

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When I was in Manila it was very hot and wet. I had problems to breath normally.

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When I was in Manila it was very hot and wet. I had problems to breath normally.

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