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July 26, 2009



Damning video evidence of her training with NPA's coming up.

If this is true I have no sympathy for her. Live by the sword and die by the sword.

I have no respect for people who use our government and democratic institutions like the courts and due process to redress grievances while at the same time participating in armed political groups whose ultimate purpose is to bring down our government and democratic institutions.


What a load of crap Jelly -- typical military character assassination. Here is what Business World Online had tosay about your famous video.

But because Ms. Roxas’s testimony is so compelling and believable, the military had to find a way to punch a hole into her credibility as a victim-witness. From out of nowhere, a video surfaced that allegedly proves Ms. Roxas is a member of the NPA. Two pro-government and rabid anti-communist party-list representatives — notorious human rights violator, retired General Jovito Palparan, now Bantay representative, and self-proclaimed anti-communist vigilante Pastor Alcover Jr., now ANAD congressman — called a press conference and distributed the video to the media.

The Palparan-Alcover tandem aver that Melissa is an NPA member as shown by the video. Ergo she shouldn’t be believed because she is motivated by her desire to smear the good name of the AFP. They say there is a witness who swears that NPA themselves are responsible for her abduction and torture because they learned that she wanted to surrender to the authorities. According to them, Melissa herself may not be aware of this, that she may have been deluded into thinking that the military is behind her torture.

The Palparan-Alcover "theory" (now adopted by the military) is riddled with self-contradictory claims. They say that the video proves Ms. Roxas is an NPA member when the authenticity and the source of the video are unclear and still very much open to question. Melissa testified that during her interrogation her captors showed her pictures of a woman in an alleged NPA camp. They tortured her to make her say that she was that woman but she repeatedly refused. Just as she consistently denied that she is a member of the NPA.

Now she asks, and rightly so, where did the Palparan-Alcover tandem get the copy of this video which she says was used by her interrogators, unsuccessfully, to try to force her to incriminate herself? And assuming for the sake of argument that the woman in the video is indeed Ms. Roxas, does that constitute proof that she is an NPA member?

If anything, the abduction and torture of Melissa Roxas indicates that the perpetrators and authors of these heinous crimes against progressive leaders and activists are still on the loose. Government is not lifting a finger to stop them. Despite official pronouncements to the contrary, so-called "enemies of the state" are still open game, either for "legal offensives" (i.e., the filing of false criminal charges in order to arrest and detain activists) or as targets of extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearance.

Such would have been the likely fate of Melissa Roxas had she had not been an American citizen.


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