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August 10, 2009



... then back in Catholic Manila she will go to mass to confess her sins asking for forgiveness. Everything will be fine again...


What I heard was that both the New York and the Washington meals were paid for by GMA's secretary who dug into a bg full of cash. Must have been quite a bag ...

Madame Chiang

Love the quote under the picture...


What is the fuss about the meals? For a large entourage, what is $20,000 for a meal in a restaurant? She is the President of the Republic of the Philippines. If President Obama comes to the Philippines will we just let him and his entourage eat in an ordinary "turo'turo" or "carenderia"? For God's sake, many others - especially politicians, media personnell, etc. - spend large fortunes which "could be spent for the poor." Even many "poor people" spend all they have to entertain their guest or visitor at home. Why this "selective moralizing" What for? I guess culturally Filipinos know how to spend and enjoy their money. Please do not impose on us a criteria based on Western values which are rotten and also divisive anyway. O tempora, o mores!

Major Tom

Reminds me of that novel "Bonfire of the Vanities", so surreal and artificial. I bet the Philippine present political scenario would be very ripe source for a full-blown satire, ala "Anonymous".

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Unbelivable tsk! There is a lot of problems here in the Philippines. $20,000 must be a big help for the first needs of the Filipinos,like schools,medicines etc..

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I have to be careful with my smile, has great power..lol. Just kidding.

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